Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 2 continued...

Our afternoon was free time for the first time. Almost everybody took advantage of our location and headed to the Potomac River for a dip. The water was a bit warmer than most were used to, but it still refreshed us and kept us cool from the 95 degree temperatures. It is always nice to see everybody meshing with each other, and to watch the greater FVM community form before your eyes.

After dinner we had a bit more free time, but many of the FVMs were together planning for Mass or prayer. The backgammon and cards came out, and the competitive spirit followed.

At around 8, we gathered for our first Mass as an entire community. Fr. Michael presided and had help preparing from Kelly (Philadelphia), Dorothy (Wilmington), Tom (Camden), and Jen (Camden). Jen put one of her many talents to work as she lead our hymns and responsorial psalms.

During Mass on retreat, we open the format up a bit and let the FVMs work their creativity into the Mass. Tonight, the planners decided that we would write our name on a rock, and then randomly select a different one. Then, the name we ended up with, would be our "prayer partner" for the year, and that would be the person one would pray with more intention for. It was a beautiful Mass, and a great way to end our first full day together.

Goodnight from Maryland.

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